Swimming is a set of recreation and fitness in one of the sports, healthy, comfortable, safe pool water quality will bring physical and mental enjoyment to swimmers. Since the human body in the pool water immersion process, inevitably produce a large amount of dirt and secretion, at the same time there will be a variety of bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in the water, so it is necessary to deal with the pool water, kill harmful bacteria, to ensure good transparency, to provide a personal feeling of comfort, no taste, no pollution of the hygiene quality.

Titanium anode single pieces

Since swimming pool disinfection is very necessary, why is titanium anode material used for swimming pool disinfection? What are its advantages?
Titanium anode is a high-quality electrolysis water sterilization and disinfection equipment, which adopts the principle of water electrolysis and uses the redox effect in water to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Titanium anode can disinfect water, air and surface materials, which is widely used in the fields of healthcare, catering, drinking water, swimming pool and so on. Compared with traditional disinfection methods, titanium anode has certain advantages, such as more environmentally friendly, safe and better disinfection effect.

Titanium anodes for swimming pool disinfection

Advantages of titanium anode for electrolysis water sterilization and disinfection:

Corrosion resistance: titanium anode can resist the erosion of strong acid and alkali, and can operate stably under acidic and alkaline conditions, so it has a long service life.
Efficient sterilization: titanium anode decomposes water molecules into oxidants with high redox potential (such as hydroxide, oxygen, etc.) through electrolysis, which can efficiently kill bacteria, viruses and other organic pollutants.
Energy saving and environmental protection: compared with traditional disinfection methods, using titanium anode for electrolytic water disinfection can save energy and reduce the use of chemical disinfectants, thus reducing pollution to the environment.
Low maintenance cost: Since titanium anode has strong corrosion resistance and long service life, the cost of maintenance and replacement is relatively low.
Electrolysis sterilizer is suitable for hospital wastewater discharge, tap water sterilization, swimming pool sterilization, freshwater aquaculture sterilization, oilfield reinjection of sewage sterilization, circulating cooling water sterilization, fire pool water sterilization treatment, marine vessels biological attachment to drive off and other occasions; treatment of water by 3 ~ 30 min electrolysis sterilization, a variety of bacterial kill rate of up to 99.90%. With the increase of electrolysis time, the sterilization rate will be further increased; current intensity increases, the bacterial killing rate increases.

Titanium anodes for swimming pool
Chlorine bactericidal effect of the modern point of view is mainly through the role of HClO, HClO molecules to reach the bacteria inside, can play an oxidizing role in destroying the bacterial enzyme system and make the bacteria die, the final product of oxidation for the CO2 and H2O. therefore, even if in the case of continuous use of chlorine, will not make the bacteria produce drug-resistant.

Advantages of using titanium anodes for pool water disinfection:

(1) It can reduce the formation of chlorination by-products such as trihalomethanes in water;
(2) Does not react with ammonia when the water contains a high level of ammonia, so its oxidizing and disinfecting effects are not affected;
(3) It can kill pathogenic microorganisms and viruses in water;
(4) The disinfection effect is not affected by the pH of water;
(5) After chlorine dioxide treatment, the residual chlorine in water is stable and long-lasting, and the ability to prevent recontamination is strong;

Titanium electrode assembly for swimming pools

(6) Due to strong oxidation, it can remove the color and taste of water, and does not form chlorophenol odor with phenol;
(7) iron, manganese removal effect is better than chlorine. Of course, chlorine dioxide disinfection method also has some disadvantages:
(8) chlorine dioxide is explosive, must be prepared at the scene and used immediately;
(9) the preparation of chlorine dioxide containing low chlorine is more complex, its cost is higher than other disinfection methods;
(10) The raw materials for the preparation of chlorine dioxide for sodium chlorate and hydrochloric acid, oxidizing or corrosive substances, there is the same security problems of storage and transportation;
(11) The safety of the preparation device itself. The storage and transportation of raw materials and the safety of the preparation process limit its wide application in swimming pool water treatment.

In addition to supplying titanium anode plate for swimming pool disinfection, we can also customize any type of titanium electrode for any application, such as titanium anode for wastewater treatment, titanium electrode for sodium hypochlorite generator, titanium electrode for cathodic protection of ships, titanium electrode for electrolysis of copper, titanium electrode for wastewater treatment, and many other environments.

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