Titanium anodes are anodes in titanium-based metal oxide coatings. According to its surface catalytic coating, it has oxygen evolution function and chlorine evolution function. In general, electrode materials should have good electrical conductivity, small change in pole distance, strong corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength and processability, long life, low cost, and good electrocatalytic performance for electrode reactions. At present titanium is the most suitable for the above. Comprehensively required metals, generally industrial pure titanium TA1 \ TA2

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Titanium anodes produced by our company have stable geometric dimensions; diversity of geometric shapes; excellent stability of electrochemical and chemical properties; excellent electrocatalytic active anode potential is low, and it is not sensitive to changes in circuit density; save electricity and energy, and prolong electrolysis Service life of the liquid; maintenance-free; long life (very important); high quality of the cathode product (no impurities or very few impurities, uniform microstructure, such as electrolytic copper, zinc, nickel). A permanent material with a long coating life. It can be used to obtain almost completely pure cathode products without pollution and energy saving.

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