Do you know titanium foam? What is titanium foam used for?

Today ’s article will tell you the answer:

Titanium foam is a porous titanium filter element using 99.6% high-purity titanium powder as raw material, after sieving, static pressure molding, and then sintered by high temperature and high vacuum.

The characteristics of the product are easy corrosion, high temperature resistance, lightness, and filtration accuracy can be guaranteed. The filtering temperature in air can reach 300 ℃.

The technical parameters are as follows:

So, what are the main uses of titanium foam?

It is mainly used for hydrogen production, used in hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen energy is a new type of fuel in the future, so our large-scale titanium foam is mainly provided to some hydrogen production, hydrogen fuel cell companies, fuel cell manufacturers, etc.

In addition, titanium foam is also used for separation and filtration in basic industries such as liquid medicine manufacturing and medical devices.

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