By covering different coatings, the electrical conductivity and electrocatalytic activity are enhanced, the electrolysis reaction process is promoted, and the service life of the anode in different use environments is prolonged to achieve the intended use effect.
Thickness of metal oxide coating on titanium anode:
The electrocatalytic reaction is mainly the precious metal in the coating. Only the precious metal content can meet the requirements of use to ensure the normal operation of the anode product. The thickness is only an appearance, which is mainly determined by the number of passes of the brush and the concentration of the solvent, and the content of the precious metal. How much is not directly related, too thick coating is more likely to fall off. Titanium anode mesh Ru-Ir Ir-Ta coated Platinum coating Baoji Highstar titanium Metal Platinum coating titanium anode for chlor-alkali Electroplating water treatment