Sintered titanium is made from 99.6% pure titanium metal powder. After cold isostatic pressing, the metal porous filter element is made by high temperature and high vacuum sintering. It mainly includes titanium filter element and titanium foam plate.

Titanium sintered plate

titanium foam polyester


titanium foam (4)




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Precision:80um VS 20um

Titanium filter


Titanium cylindrical sintered plate

What is titanium foam used for

Precision:80um VS 30um

sintered titanium


Among them,titanium foam  with a precision of 10um is widely used in the hydrogen production of fuel cells. Of course, some customers require other precision, and we can all produce them.

The maximum width of titanium foam currently produced is 310mm, the length can reach 1000mm, and the Precision range is 0.2um-80um.

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