To understand the use of nitinol wire, we must first understand its characteristics, super-elasticity, shape memory characteristics and good biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, these are its main properties.

So, what are its applications? According to the feedback and experience of our customers, there are mainly the following aspects:

1. Used for fishing line

Due to the super elasticity of nitinol wire, it is widely used in the field of high-end fishing line. Some of the customers we cooperate with are fishing line production;

2. Used for outdoor rope

The product used for outdoor ropes is actually not nitinol wire, but nitinol rope, which is made of 7 nitinol single wires and has greater strength;

3. Steel rings for underwear manufacturers
4. Used for some jewelry bracelet manufacturers
5. For spring manufacturers
6. Used for dental arch wire, etc.

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