MMO anode (Mixed Metal Oxide): Mixed metal oxide anode, also known as Dimensionally Stable Anode, was invented by Dr. Henry Beer in the 1950s. It is based on industrial pure titanium and is covered with a layer of precious metal and Metal electrodes for other metal oxide films. After the invention, it made a revolutionary breakthrough in the chlor-alkali industry, and was quickly widely used in other electrochemical industries such as electroplating and electrolysis.

Name:MMO Titanium Anode
Titanium electrode Substrates and CoatingsSubstrate: Gr1/TA1 Titanium
Coating Material: Ruthenium oxide, iridium oxide, ruthenium iridium, platinum, iridium tantalum, ruthenium iridium tin and other coatings

MMO Coating Thickness: 8-10mm
Platinum coating thickness:0.5-20um

Titanium electrode Features:1. High erosion-resisting
2. High current efficiency
3. High durability
4. Floor can circle after electrodes lose activity
5. Heavy current density, high productivity
6. Light weight
Titanium electrode classification1.Precipitated chlorine gas titanium electrode: ruthenium iridium titanium electrode (sintering temperature: 450 degrees Celsius), the application of chlorine gas titanium electrode is relatively soft, such as in the chlor-alkali industry of water treatment or electrolysis of salt. Chlorine-precipitating titanium electrode refers to the general term for electrodes that can precipitate chlorine gas at the anode, mainly including ruthenium-titanium electrode, ruthenium-iridium electrode and ruthenium-iridium-tin electrode.

2.Oxygen evolution titanium electrode: iridium tantalum titanium electrode (sintering temperature: 480 degrees Celsius), used in harsh environments, such as sulfuric acid system, nitric acid system or mixed acid system.

3.Platinum-plated titanium electrode has good hydrogen production effect, high melting point, high strength, and stable electrothermal performance. It is mainly used in hydrogen-rich water cups and other industries that require hydrogen production.

Titanium electrode applicationTitanium anode for sewage treatment, titanium electrode for swimming pool disinfection, titanium electrode for sodium hypochlorite generator; titanium electrode for circulating water electrolysis descaling, titanium electrode for cathodic protection industry, titanium anode for electrodialysis, titanium anode for electroplating, titanium anode for chlor-alkali industry , Etching liquid recycling copper with titanium electrodes and other industries.
Circulating water electrolysis descaling device
mmo titanium anode materialtitanium anode mesh

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