What is a titanium sheet ?At present, in the titanium industry, titanium sheet and titanium foil products are very popular. Generally speaking, they are divided into gr1, gr2, gr5, gr9 and other levels, but in comparison, the most popular grades are grade2 and Ti- 6al4v

About gr2 titanium sheet introduction

The gr2 titanium plate, also known as pure titanium, can be made by cold rolling. It is usually produced in the form of a coil and then cut according to the specific use size. The standard size is usually 1000*2000mm, of course, there are also large plates , Size is 3000*6000mm, gr2 titanium plate has ultimate tensile strength under 40,000 psi or higher pressure.

titanium sheet

How many do you know about Ti-6al4v /gr5 titanium sheet?

Grade 5 is an aerospace grade and cannot be made by cold rolling. Because of the al and v components, the gr5 titanium plate is harder than gr2. Its ultimate tensile strength is 120,000 psi or higher, and its size is also customized according to requirements.

ti plate ti 6al 4v plate

Titanium plate are often used as thermal insulation because titanium blocks heat and does not transfer it to the rest of the assembly. Titanium foil and titanium plates have ballistic characteristics, which is very suitable for driver protection in motorsports, so titanium plates also have a certain market in terms of protection materials.

Available size

Titanium foil:
The thinnest thickness of gr2 is 0.01mm and the width is 140mm; more than 0.2mm can be produced wider, and the largest width below 0.2mm is 260mm

The thinnest of gr5 is 0.025mm, the width is 110mm, more than 0.2mm can produce 300mm width;

Titanium plate
gr2 0.5mm or more, standard board size: 1000*2000mm, can be cut
gr5 0.5mm or more, standard board size: 1000*2000mm, can be cut

Production levels and standards:

gr1, gr2, gr5
ASTM B265, ASTM F67, ASTM F136

Application examples:

Aviation materials, marine submarine materials, firewalls, automobile driver protection devices, drive shaft channels, brake linings, heat shields, jewelry, water cups, civilian products, etc.

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