What is a titanium anode used for?

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1.Titanium Anode for Swimming pool disinfection.

titanium anode pool

We provide titanium electrode products for many swimming pool disinfection equipment suppliers, some of which need to be assembled, and some of which we provide titanium anode plate monolithic, and the customer assembles them, and the feedback is very good.

2.Titanium Anode for Hard water softening (scale removal electrode)

titanium anode plate

Calcium and magnesium ions are contained in water, and the more they are contained, the harder the water becomes. The water that has calcium and magnesium ions removed is called soft water.

★ According to the amount of minerals contained in the water (mg / liter) 1, soft water (0 ~ 17.1) 2, light hardness (17.1 ~ 60) 3, medium hardness (60 ~ 120) 4, high hardness (120 ~ 180) 5, super hardness (greater than 180)
Background: Power plants or other industrial areas, to use water to cool down, the water contains calcium and magnesium ions, with the evaporation of water vapor, calcium and magnesium ions will precipitate and then condense on the wall of the conveying pipe. First, increase the conveying pressure, energy consumption; Second, the heat transfer effect is greatly reduced; Third, calcium and magnesium ions will form corrosion under the scale; Fourth, scaling in the boiler, because of uneven heat dissipation will form an explosion potential.

Electrochemical softening of water in two ways, one, the water will be pumped out through the tank, descaling the water into the pool; the second, is in the pool directly degradation, the scale attached to the cathode network, put forward after descaling.

There are three ways to remove cathode scale:
(1 ) Mechanical, with a scraper if it is firm, and a high-pressure water gun can be used to flush it if it has just congealed;
(2 ) 0.3% acid bubble, white vinegar (acetic acid), citric acid can be;
(3) Inverted electrode. (Electrode life damage 50%).

3.Titanium Anode for Electrolysis copper

titanium anode plate

★ PCB circuit board factory, after the copper foil is etched, copper ions are dissolved into the etching solution, containing heavy metals, but also resources;
★The earliest time, the circuit board factory to spend money to dispose of;
★ Later, the intermediary combination of resources, the etching solution will be led to the corner of the PCB circuit board factory, the use of the principle of cathodic reduction, 4:6 or 3:7 and other ratios of copper;
★ Etching solution / micro etching solution / alkaline etching solution = iridium-tantalum coating; acid etching solution = ruthenium-iridium coating.

★Cathode, because of adsorption of copper or other metals, so called seed plate, in addition to the use of titanium plate, but also stainless steel, copper plate.
★ Plating edge effect (edge effect): the same area of the cathode and anode electrolysis, the current density in the periphery will be larger, so it will be in the cathode edge of the rapid deposition of reductions, the general lifting of copper in the field of the cathode is slightly larger than the anode area.

4. Titanium Anode for Sewage treatment

titanium anode

Background: With the rapid development of industry and agriculture and population growth, the amount of sewage discharged by human beings has increased dramatically, resulting in the pollution of many waters and soils, electrocatalytic method can effectively degrade and treat wastewater, especially benzene ring and other difficult to crack the environment.

Principle: Direct electrolysis Hydroxyl radical Cathode reduction

★ COD Chemical Oxygen Demand Measurement of the amount of reducing substances that need to be oxidized in a water sample by chemical means, commonly known as the degree of reduction of polluted water with fresh oxygen.
★ BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand is a comprehensive indicator that indicates the content of organic compounds and other oxygen-demanding substances in water.

★ Oilfield water injection sterilization As crude oil continues to be extracted, the downhole pressure becomes smaller, and it is necessary to inject water into the oilfield to increase the pressure, but there can be no bacteria in the water because certain b

acteria eat oil, so it is necessary to carry out sterilization treatment before injection.

5.Titanium Anode for Cathodic protection

Two classic types: Φ25*1*1000 6.35*0.635*152000mm.

Background: In the environment where steel is used such as ships, bridges, tanks, etc., due to the corrosive effect of impurities and microcells in steel, together with the wind and rain, these buildings corrode very seriously, which greatly threatens the safe production, and the cathodic protection is a proven protection measure.

Principle: make the anode + wire + building to form a circuit, the building becomes the cathode, load a very small current to it, 30mA/m2, so that the circumference of the body is surrounded by micro-current, so as to be protected.

★Titanium electrode, belongs to applied current protection.
★Sacrificial anode, in need of protection of metal equipment connected to a potential more negative metal, such as magnesium tape, in the process, the anode is constantly consumed, so called sacrificial anode.

★Application fields: freshwater and seawater, to prevent ships, wharves, platforms, gates
and cooling equipment, etc. corrosion;
In alkali and salt solutions, to prevent storage tanks, evaporation tanks, alkali pots and other
In alkali and salt solutions, to prevent corrosion of metal products of storage tanks, evaporation tanks, alkali pots, etc;
In soil and sea mud, to prevent corrosion of pipelines and cables.

6.Titanium Anode for Fruit and vegetable sterilizer

Using the strong oxidizing property of hydroxyl radicals generated during electrolysis to sterilize and disinfect to remove pesticide residues.

7.Titanium Anode for Plating mesh bucket

titanium anode basket

Take the plated parts as the cathode, such as jewelry or accessories in the middle of the pendant, platinum liquid as the electrolyte, cathodic reduction principle to attach the plating layer.

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