MMO anode, also known as MMO coated anode, MMO is the abbreviation of Mixed Metal Oxide. It is an insoluble anode, which is coated with a lanthanide or lanthanide noble metal oxide on a titanium substrate or other corrosion-resistant materials to have good electrocatalytic activity and electrical conductivity (titanium self-conductivity is relatively poor) . The gas precipitated from the anode in the electrochemical reaction can be classified into two types: chlorine evolution and oxygen evolution.

Titanium-coated tantalum anodes are chlorine-discharging anodes, which are generally used in the environment of hydrochloric acid, electrolyzed seawater, and electrolyzed brine; such as tantalum anodes, tin-tin anodes, and the like.

The titanium-coated lanthanide anode belongs to an oxygen evolution anode, and the general use environment is a sulfuric acid environment, such as a tantalum anode and a tantalum-coated titanium anode.

There is also a platinized titanium anode, also known as a platinum titanium electrode, a platinum electrode, a platinized anode, and the like. It is based on titanium and is coated with a platinum-based precious metal.

The above coated titanium anodes are very mature and have been widely used in the following fields:

Non-ferrous metal electrolysis production, chlorine salt electrolysis, seawater electrolysis, metal foil manufacturing, surface electrochemical treatment of metal foil, electroless extraction and recovery of non-ferrous metals, organic electrolysis, industrial electroplating, cathodic protection, electrodialysis, acid-base ion water production, Industrial wastewater treatment and other fields.