Titanium filter element has unique performance and is currently a very popular prospective new material, widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry, food industry, bioengineering, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry and gas purification fields.

Titanium filter elements are widely used, and titanium foam plate is also widely used.
Titanium foam with a precision of 10um has very broad prospects in hydrogen production and fuel cell industries.

What are the uses of titanium filter?

Continue to talk about the titanium filter, its specific uses include the following aspects ”

1. Titanium filter element in the pharmaceutical industry infusion, small injection, eye drops, oral solution in the decarbonization filter and concentrated filtration and dilute in the final filtration of the security filter.

What are the uses of titanium filter?
2. Titanium filter can be used for impurity removal, raw material decarburization and fine filtration in the production process of raw materials.

What are the uses of titanium filter?
3. It is used for ultrafiltration, RO, EDI system security filtration in the water treatment industry, as well as filtration after ozone sterilization and ozone aeration. These will use titanium filter elements.

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4. In the food industry, it also has a wide range of applications: clarification and filtration of beverages, liquor, beer, vegetable oil, mineral water, soy sauce, and vinegar in food and beverages.

What are the uses of titanium filter?
5. At the same time, it can be used for the decarbonization and precision filtration of liquid products, liquid raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates in the chemical industry, the recovery of ultrafine fine bodies and catalysts, the precision filtration after resin adsorption, and the removal of impurities in the system’s thermal oil and materials Filtration, catalytic gas purification, etc.

What are the uses of titanium filter?
6. Oilfield return water filtration, security filtration before reverse osmosis in the field of seawater desalination.

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7. In the dye industry, high-temperature decarbonization and debais filtering have a wide range of uses.

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8. It can be used to filter steam, compressed air and catalyst in gas purification.

Titanium sintered filter element Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal

In the sintering industry, we can provide products with a variety of materials, such as titanium filter, titanium foam plate, stainless steel sintering and nickel-based alloys and other high-temperature sintering materials. The main difference between them is the tolerable temperature range.

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titanium foam


Usually produced are titanium sintered materials and stainless steel sintered materials, but other high-temperature alloys are also available. In addition, titanium anode products used in the water treatment industry are also our very important products.