Do you understand ? Have you used titanium anodes? How long is the service life of titanium anode? What are the factors that affect the life of titanium anodes?

1. Current density: Current density is inversely proportional to anode life. The greater the current, the shorter the anode life. This is not difficult to understand. High current density will consume electrodes, so we recommend using stable low density in the use of titanium anodes. Current is more conducive to anode life protection;

titanium anodes
2. Titanium base material: The base material of the anode is generally pure titanium, and it is required to be above the material of TA1. If the purity of the base material used is not enough, the corrosion resistance will be greatly reduced, which has a great impact on the service life of the anode. Our material uses titanium material of gr1 material, and the titanium material of high quality composition and high quality surface will be used as the anode substrate;

mmo coating
3. Electrolyte: It is forbidden to contain fluoride ions, cyano ions and sulfur ions in the electrolyte. If there is any, it will have a greater impact on the life of the anode. We should pay special attention to;

mmo coating
4. Inverted pole: Inverted pole is a method often used in anode repair, which can make the old passivation coating off the surface of the substrate. Therefore, inverting pole is prohibited in use.

Titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator
5. Frequent power cuts: In the absence of current, the coating will be greatly damaged if it is immersed in the solution for a long time.

mmo titanium anode
6. Man-made damage: there must be no hard scratches on the surface of the anode. If part of the coating is damaged, even a small scratch will quickly cause the anode to be corroded and passivated, which eventually leads to failure. The titanium substrate we choose will pay great attention to the quality of the surface and avoid scratches or bumps on the surface of the titanium substrate;

7. Short circuit: It is forbidden to contact the anode and cathode under the condition of power supply. The instantaneous current caused by the short circuit is very large, and the polar plate can be burned. The current and voltage must be stable, and the problem of short circuit is prohibited;

titanium anode titanium cathode mesh plate gr1 gr2 gr5 gr7 gr9 (19)

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