1. Current density: Current density is inversely proportional to anode life. The larger the current, the shorter the anode life. The anode current density designed by our company is within 2000A / sqm. It is recommended that the current density does not exceed 2000A / sqm. In addition, try to prevent the current from being too large and small.

2. Titanium substrate: The anode substrate is generally made of pure titanium, and it is required to be more than TA1. If the purity of the substrate is not enough, the corrosion resistance will be greatly reduced, which will greatly affect the anode’s service life.

3. Electrolyte: It is forbidden to contain fluoride ion, cyanide ion and sulfur ion in the electrolyte.

4. Inverted pole: Inverted pole is a method often used in anode repair, which can make the old passivated coating fall off the surface of the substrate, so it is prohibited to use the electrode in use.

5. Frequent power failures: In the case of no current flow, the coating will be greatly damaged if it is immersed in the solution for a long time. Therefore, when the anode is not working, a small current is passed to maintain the generation of the circuit. When the anode is not used for a long time, the anode is removed from the liquid, rinsed with water, and stored dry.

Q6. Man-made damage: The surface of the anode must not be damaged. If part of the coating is damaged, even a small scratch will cause the anode to be quickly corroded and passivated, resulting in failure. Therefore, handle it gently during installation and use of the anode. Handle gently to avoid bumping.

7. Short-circuit: It is forbidden to contact the anode and cathode under the condition of power-on. The instantaneous current caused by the short-circuit is very large, which can burn out the electrode plate.

8. Temperature: Temperature is also inversely related to anode life. Our company design anode design temperature is 40-60 degrees, it is recommended not to exceed 60 degrees.

The following are some Ru-Ir coated titanium mesh anodes for your reference. Any inquiry, please feel free to contact us: anber@bjhighstar.com