The application fields of DSA coated titanium anodes include: chlor-alkali industry, chlorate production, hypochlorite production, perchlorate production, persulfate electrolysis, electrolytic organic synthesis, electrolytic extraction of non-ferrous metals, electrolytic silver catalyst production, Electrolytic method for manufacturing copper foil, electrolytic oxidation method for mercury recovery, water electrolysis, production of chlorine dioxide, hospital sewage treatment, electroplating plant cyanide-containing wastewater treatment, disinfection of domestic water and food utensils, treatment of cooling circulating water in power plants, wool spinning Treatment of plant dyeing and finishing wastewater, industrial water treatment, electrolysis to produce acid-base ionized water, copper plate galvanizing, rhodium plating, palladium plating, gold plating, lead plating, electrodialysis desalination of seawater, electrodialysis to produce tetramethylhydroxide Ammonium, molten salt electrolysis, battery production, cathodic protection, production of anode foil, anodic oxidation of aluminum foil, etc. It is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, water treatment, environmental protection, electroplating, electrolytic organic synthesis and other fields.

titanium anode product

In recent years, there has been a new trend in the application of DSA-coated titanium anodes in the surface treatment industry. For example, adding a certain nano material to the coating to improve the electrocatalytic activity of the DSA anode, or in some specific plating solutions, by adjusting the oxygen evolution potential of the DSA coating to suppress the generation of certain impurity ions, and ensure The purpose of bath stability. With the deepening of the research on DSA-coated titanium anodes, its application prospects will become broader and broader.