As a relatively mature water treatment technology, electrolysis has been widely used in the treatment of printing and dyeing and wastewater such as tannery wastewater and papermaking black liquor. The use of ultrasonic to degrade pollutants in water, especially refractory organic matter, is a new type of water treatment technology developed in recent years. The new technology of electrolytic treatment of water has attracted much attention because it has the advantages of no need to add chemical agents, small volume of equipment, small footprint, and no secondary pollution. Electrochemical treatment of wastewater is the key to determining degradation efficiency. The anode with good performance should have high organic catalytic degradation activity, good electrode stability and anti-practical corrosion resistance, and the cost is as low as possible. There is a high oxygen evolution overpotential electrode. Titanium anode is currently considered to be the most One of the electrodes with prospects for environmental management applications.

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titanium anode