Development of China Titanium Welded Pipe Industry

Due to various constraints on raw materials and processing technology, the production technology of titanium welded pipe has been in the hands of professional manufacturers in Japan, the United States, France, Russia and other countries for many years.
The development of titanium welded pipes in China started later than other titanium processed products, and the development in the early stage was relatively slow. Although titanium seamless pipes started early in China, their application is limited due to the many processing procedures, long production cycle, low efficiency and high cost of titanium seamless pipes, and the production efficiency and production rate of titanium welded pipes are high, and titanium welded pipes The properties of tube expansion and bending are similar to seamless tubes, so the amount of titanium welded tubes at home and abroad is increasing year by year, and the application in condensers of power stations is increasing. In recent years, the demand for titanium welded pipes has increased significantly, and the titanium welded pipe industry has also entered a stage of rapid development.

Titanium welded pipe production process

The production of titanium welded pipe generally includes the following 18 steps. Our titanium welded pipe production will strictly follow the following steps and be produced in accordance with standard ASTM B862.

Uncoiling of titanium belt→shear butt welding→looper storage→cleaning of titanium belt→tube forming→welding→weld eddy current inspection→predetermined diameter→online annealing→precise sizing/straightening→eddy current inspection→laser diameter measurement→online Code spraying → fixed length cutting → ultrasonic flaw detection → precise fixed length/flat head → air tightness test → finished product inspection.

Titanium welded pipe finished product display

welded titanium tubesTitanium Welded TubesTitanium Welded Tubes

Titanium welded pipe advantages

  • Advantages of titanium welded pipe compared with seamless pipe

Titanium welded pipe is welded by cold-rolled coil, with uniform wall thickness, good concentricity, good finish, and no scaling in the pipe. Especially for thin-walled titanium tubes, it is impossible to meet its technical requirements with a seamless rolling process. After the rolling or drawing process of titanium seamless pipe, it is difficult to achieve a wall thickness of less than 1 mm; while titanium welded pipe can achieve a wall thickness of 0.5 mm and less, saving a lot of materials and costs. At the same time, due to the thinner wall thickness of the titanium welded pipe, a higher heat transfer coefficient can be obtained and a better heat transfer effect can be obtained.

  • The cost of titanium welded pipe

The production process of titanium seamless pipes is complicated. Conventional three-roll or multi-roll mills and drawing machines are used to roll or draw a certain size of billet through multiple passes, and finally produce seamless pipes after diameter reduction and wall reduction. The production efficiency and yield rate of this process are low. Titanium seamless pipes from sponge titanium to pipes, through rolling or drawing, the material waste is large, the production rate is only about 50%, and large-scale mass production cannot be achieved, and the production cycle is relatively long.

The titanium welded pipe is produced through an automated continuous production line, using a titanium strip coil with a uniform wall thickness through cold bending forming, welding, online heat treatment, sizing and straightening, non-destructive testing and air tightness testing. From sponge titanium to welded pipe, the material utilization rate is usually about 80%. If the titanium tape is used as the raw material, the material utilization rate is more than 95%. With the rapid development of the domestic titanium industry and the increasingly mature welding technology, the production efficiency of titanium welded pipes will also be greatly improved, the quality stability, consistency and production efficiency will be higher, and can be cut to the required length according to customer requirements , Short delivery time, high material utilization rate, unit cost will be lower than seamless tube.

  • Titanium welded pipe has outstanding environmental advantages

Titanium seamless pipes are usually produced by processes such as rolling or drawing. In the production process, a large amount of rolling oil and drawing oil will be used, and the production site will be seriously polluted. After the titanium tube is rolled and drawn, the grease and dirt on the inner and outer surfaces of the tube need to be degreased and pickled. The pickling process has a greater environmental pollution. In order to ensure the health of the operating personnel and protect the environment, it is necessary to increase protective equipment and protective measures, thus increasing capital investment and correspondingly increasing product production costs. Titanium welded pipes are continuously produced in large batches through automated production lines. The quality is stable and the production efficiency is high. Except for certain energy consumption such as water, electricity and electricity, there is almost no pollution to the environment during the production process.

The advantages of titanium welded pipe are very obvious. If you have a need, please contact us as soon as possible, thank you.