1. Application of titanium tube in military industry
For a typhoon-class nuclear submarine, titanium tubes have a very wide range of uses in the military industry. Nuclear-powered submarines, hydrofoil boats, mortar tubes, anti-tank missiles, missile launchers, tank shields, and bullet-proof vests use a large number of titanium tubes. According to information, the amount of titanium pipes used is as high as 9,000 tons, which shows that the military industry has a huge demand for titanium pipes.

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2. Application of titanium tube in aerospace
The amount of titanium tubes used in civil aircraft accounts for approximately 2025% of the weight of the framework. In addition, titanium tubes are also used in strategic rocket engines, spacecraft (such as Shenzhou 5 and Shenzhou 6) artificial satellite antennas. Titanium tubes are widely used in the aviation industry.

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3. Application of titanium tube in marine industry
Titanium tube has corrosion resistance that cannot be compared with other metal materials. Especially in seawater, it can withstand high-speed erosion corrosion. At present, the United States, Japan, France and other countries have developed various advanced titanium-controlled deep submersibles, submarines, and submarine laboratory devices for marine research. In addition, coastal power stations, offshore oil extraction equipment, seawater desalination, marine chemical production, and marine aquaculture industries have widely adopted titanium control equipment and devices.

4. Application in chemical industry
The types of equipment have developed from small and singular to large and diverse. According to the prediction of the chemical industry department, the current application of titanium tube equipment has expanded from the original soda ash and caustic soda industry to the entire chemical industry. The annual amount of titanium tube used in the chemical industry will exceed 1,500 tons. After the 1970s, the national vacuum salt production Enterprises gradually began to use titanium tube metal materials to manufacture equipment, and as a result, the equipment corrosion situation has greatly improved.

5. Application in petroleum refining
Petroleum processing products and sulfides, chlorides, and other corrosives in cooling water. During the petroleum refining process, the atmospheric and vacuum tower condensation equipment on the refinery, especially the low-temperature light oil, is very corrosive. The equipment corrosion problem has become a problem for the refinery. One of the outstanding issues. In recent years, the United States, Japan and other countries have introduced titanium control equipment to these high-corrosion links and achieved good results.

6. Application in automobile industry
Titanium tubes have been used in racing cars for many years. The lightweight and high-strength properties of titanium tubes have long been the focus of car manufacturers. At present, almost all titanium tubes are used in racing cars. The number of titanium tubes for automobiles in Japan has exceeded 600 tons. With the development of the global automotive industry, titanium tubes for automobiles are still increasing rapidly.