ti tube– “GRADE 2

Gr2 titanium tube is usually used in industrial aspects, such as petroleum pipelines, heat exchangers and coils;

ti tube– “ti-3al-2.5v”

Titanium has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, so in recent years, it has been widely used in bicycle frames, including road frames, mountain bike frames, ATV frames, and off-road frames.

Our titanium tube grades are available:

grade 2, ti-6al-4v, ti-3al-2.5v, gr7, and other titanium tubes, usually, gr2 titanium tube and gr9 titanium tube have a lot of stock.

Available sizes of titanium tubes:

Outer Diameter: 6-273mm
Wall Thickness: 0.5-22mm

Our production standards:
Standard: ASTM B338 ASTM B861 ASTM B862

usual format:
3 inch titanium pipe, 4 inch seamless titanium tubing and some titanium square tube

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