Titanium sintered plate is also called titanium porous material and microporous filter material. It is a new type of deep separation and fine filter element produced by spherical, irregular titanium alloy powder through powder metallurgy process after mixing, pressing and sintering.


1. This material has different pore sizes and filtration accuracy (0.2um-80um), the channels are crisscrossed, and the filtration efficiency is high.

2, high temperature resistance, resistance to rapid cold and heat. Suitable for up to 300 ° (stainless steel 600 ° / inconel600 or Hastelloy 900 °).

3. Anti-corrosion. It is suitable for the deep separation and fine filtration of various corrosive media such as acid and alkali.

4, with certain metal or alloy characteristics. It can absorb energy, silence, heat resistance, shock resistance, cushioning, heat conduction, electrical conductivity, high strength and good toughness. It is suitable for high pressure environment. It can be welded and simple mechanical processing is convenient for loading and unloading.

5. The pore shape is stable and the distribution is uniform, ensuring the stable filtration performance. The regeneration performance is good, and the filtration performance recovers more than 90% after regeneration.


Solid-liquid, gas-solid, gas-liquid separation and purification in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, electronics, electric power, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, atomic energy, nuclear industry, natural gas, refractories, fire equipment and other fields.

Such as: seawater desalination, sewage treatment and transformer oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil and other oils, organic solutions, inorganic solutions, liquid medicine, beverages and other liquids for coarse and fine filtration; dust, bacteria, and removal of various gases and steam Oil mist; silencer, flame retardation, heat retardation, catalytic reaction, catalyst filtration, gas buffering, perspiration and divergent cooling, manufacture of porous electrodes, antifreeze devices, etc.

Here are some titanium filter elements. We can also produce stainless steel sintered materials and nickel-based alloy materials. If you need, please contact anber@bjhighstar.com