Do you know what are the materials for pem fuel cell electrodes? Today we introduce an electrode of good quality that is used by many people for hydrogen production in fuel cells. It is a titanium porous material, which is coated with precious metals on the surface and then used as an electrode.

What is the base material of Pem fuel cell electrodes?

The base material of the Pem fuel cell electrodes introduced today is titanium, called titanium porous or titanium foam. Titanium sintering is a hollow filter tube made of titanium metal powder by powder metallurgy without high-temperature sintering. It is widely used It is used for liquid-solid separation in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. It is especially suitable for decarburization and filtration, hydrogen production, and fuel cell electrodes in large infusion and injection production lines in the pharmaceutical industry.

Titanium porous technical parameters are as follows:

Titanium filter elements technical parameters
Fiter GradePorosityFilter Rating (um)Pore size             Max(um)Permeability 10-12m2Gas Permeability m3/h.m2 kpaComposition Strength Map/cm2

What precious metal coatings can be applied to the surface of Pem fuel cell electrodes?

There are three main types of precious metal coatings, namely ruthenium-iridium coating, Ir-Ta coating and platinum coating,If you are not sure which coating to use, or want to know the difference between these two coatings, please feel free to contact us.

Which Pem fuel cell electrodes for hydrogen and fuel cells has BAOJI HIGHSTAR TITANIUM METAL produced?

The products described below are not coated with precious metals

Pem fuel cell electrodes

Titanium porous material,Dia 25*1.5mm,Precision:10um

Pem fuel cell electrodes

Custom size, precision:10um

Pem fuel cell electrodes

Titanium porous material,Dia 38*2.8mm,Precision:20um

Pem fuel cell electrodes

Precision:10um,size can be customized

We can customize different sizes and precision, and also can carry precious metal coating.

The following is the effect after coating:

PorouPorous electrode (1)

Precision:80um;coated:Ru-Ir coating

Pem fuel cell electrodes Pem fuel cell electrodes


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