At present, titanium for marine engineering has become one of the main fields of titanium civil application.

Offshore oil extraction equipment mainly includes oil extraction platforms and ancillary equipment, and the ancillary equipment includes crude oil coolers, oil lift pipes, pumps, valves, joints and clamps. These equipment are in contact with seawater and crude oil sulfide, ammonia, chlorine and other media. Because titanium has excellent corrosion resistance in these media, so the United States in the early 1970s in its oil fields in the use of titanium-made offshore oil platform pillars, while titanium manufactured tube heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger. The U.S. uses about 100 titanium heat exchangers on rigs in the North Sea oil fields.
Early desalination device using copper alloy, carbon steel and other materials, because these materials are not resistant to seawater corrosion, low productivity, and soon replaced by titanium with excellent seawater corrosion resistance. In desalination, the main application of titanium is the desalination device heater heat transfer tube. A Japanese company for Saudi Arabia to build a daily output of 30,000 tons of fresh water distillation method device 10, with titanium tube 3200 tons, the average daily output of 10,000 tons of devices, need to use titanium 107 tons. China’s Tianjin, Shandong and other places have built or under construction desalination units.

Titanium and its alloys in the ship is widely used, such as hull structural components, deep-sea survey ships and submarines pressure-resistant shells, pipelines, valves, rudders, shaft brackets, fittings, power-driven devices in the propeller and propeller shaft, heat exchangers, coolers, hull sonar deflector and so on. In addition, titanium equipment is also used in marine fisheries, ocean thermal energy conversion and other fields, such as Japan in artificial aquaculture technology, a large number of titanium metal mesh and maintain a certain seawater temperature of titanium tubular heat exchangers, etc.; in the field of ocean thermal energy conversion, the United States, Japan, the main equipment of the main equipment of the temperature difference between the power station evaporator, condenser and seawater suction tubes, loop systems and so on, all using titanium equipment, have achieved good results.

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