Electrolysis is the process of passing an electric current through an electrolyte solution or a molten electrolyte, (a process that causes a redox reaction on the cathode and anode. The electrolysis process can occur when an electrochemical cell is applied with a DC voltage. Titanium electrolysis refers to using titanium as a substrate After the precious metal coating is applied on the surface, it is then used as an electrode for electrolytic reaction.

Titanium electrode is performing Titanium electrolysis, which has more advantages than other metals.

  • The anode size is stable, which can ensure that the electrolytic operation is carried out under the condition that the cell voltage is stable.
  • Low working voltage, low power consumption, DC power consumption can be reduced by 10-20%.
  • Titanium anodes have a long working life. Generally, the anode life is 5-7 years, and the corrosion resistance is strong.
  • Titanium electrolysis anode can overcome the dissolution problem of graphite anode and lead anode, and avoid the pollution of electrolyte and cathode products.
  • The current density is high, the overpotential is small, and the electrode catalytic activity is high, which can effectively capture high production efficiency.
  • In the production of chlor-alkali, the use of titanium anodes has high product quality, high purity of chlorine gas, no Co2, and high alkali concentration, which can save heating steam and energy consumption.
  • The short circuit problem after the deformation of the lead anode can be avoided.
  • Titanium anode shape is easy to produce, and can be produced with high precision.
  • The titanium substrate can be reused.
  • Low over-potential characteristics, bubbles on the surface between electrodes and electrodes are easy to eliminate, which can effectively reduce the electrolysis cell

Titanium electrolysis material-titanium anode introduction:

Titanium electrolysis

1. Titanium anode mesh; Ru-Ir coated; dia45mm; used in sodium hypochlorite disinfection instrument
2. Titanium anode plate; Ru-Ir coated; 110*60mm; there are a lot of stock
3. Titanium anode plate; Ru-Ir coated; 200*80*1mm;
4. Titanium anode tube; Ru-Ir coated; 25*2*250mm; used for electrolysis
5. Titanium anode assembly; Ru-Ir coated;
6. Titanium anode small components; Ru-Ir coated; processed according to customer drawings
7. Platinum titanium anode; platinum coating; used for hydrogen-rich water cup

Titanium anode material, why choose us?

  • The titanium anode base material uses gr1 high-quality titanium material to ensure that the anode surface is smooth, avoid scratches, and ensure stable performance of the titanium anode;
  • Our company has high-quality welding technology and precise processing technology, providing different customers with specific titanium anode processing products, and tailoring perfect titanium anode products according to customer drawings and needs;
  • Provide precious metal coatings of high-quality titanium anodes. After years of production and use experience, we continuously modulate and improve precious metal coatings. The feedback from customers is very good. Ir-Ta coating, Pt coated)

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