Titanium electrodes are widely used. There are titanium anodes and titanium cathodes. Some customers need titanium anode coatings. Titanium cathodes are not coated. Like the following products, the anode is made of Gr1 titanium plate. The coating is Ru-Ir COATED.

Titanium Electrode Supplier - from Baoji City, China
This product is coated with both a titanium anode and a titanium cathode because it is used as a conductive electrode, so both the titanium anode and the titanium cathode are coated.

Ru-Ir Coated titanium mesh plate sample completed -Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal
Finally, to sum up, mainly based on the customer’s use needs (that is, whether the need for the use of the guide), to determine whether the cathode needs coating, we usually cooperate with customers, both situations, if you have similar doubts, Please feel free to contact me.