Working principle: Diluted sodium chloride solution under the action of positive and negative electrodes in the electrolytic tank, a series of electrochemical reactions occur to generate sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution.

Technical features:

1、According to the amount of sodium hypochlorite and installation requirements, different electrolytic tanks are designed, cylindrical, tubular, sheet-type electrode set, unipolar electrodes are suitable for smaller electrolytic tanks. Compound electrode set is suitable for relatively large electrolyzer, and the connection structure is simple, which reduces the resistance on the connecting parts, so that the electrolysis voltage is reduced and the electrolysis efficiency is improved.

salt generator

2、The core electrode adopts industrial pure titanium as the base material, and the surface is coated with ruthenium iridium and other precious metal oxides by special process, which has good electrocatalytic and electrolytic oxidation resistance, and it can have better electrolytic reaction than other electrodes and provide better conversion efficiency.

3、The electrolyzer shell is made of transparent acrylic/UPVC and other materials, which is good for observing the electrolysis process and the electrode surface, so as to judge the use status of the electrode and adjust the pickling cycle.

4、Innovative bipolar design, compared with the old bipolar design, it reduces the connectors in the electrolyzer, improves the electrolysis efficiency and reduces the energy consumption. It can improve the operation life of electrode;

5、Independent research and development, mature technology application experience, strong after-sales service guarantee.

mmo titanium anode

Specifications are: 10g/h-2000g/h effective chlorine output

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