We are a titanium anode metal manufacturer from China. Our titanium anode processing advantages: more than ten years of manufacturing and export experience, we can process titanium anodes with complex shapes according to drawings. The produced titanium anodes have strong electrocatalytic activity, high current, and excellent design, Welding is firm and corrosion-resistant.

Main applications: sewage treatment, wastewater treatment, sodium hypochlorite generator, water purification, water treatment, cathodic protection, chlor-alkali industry, etc.!

Titanium anode output:

Titanium electrode manufacturer

a) Anode plates in maching workshop within 24 hours: 1000pcs

Titanium electrode
b) Anodes plates in pre-treatment workshope (sand blasting and pickling) within 24 hours: 1000pcs

Titanium electrode FACTORY
c) Anodes coating workshop within 24 hours: 1000pcs

d) Anodes shape corrected and cathode polishing process within 24 hours: 800 pcs

titanium anode factory
e) Anodes Assembly workshop within 24 hours: 100pcs

titanium anode supplier

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