The core component of the sodium hypochlorite generator is the electrolytic cell. We currently mainly provide all electrolytic cells, but starting this year, we will also provide sodium hypochlorite generators with various yields. If you have any questions about titanium electrodes, please contact us:

In the past two years, the market potential of disinfection products is relatively large, and we have also received a lot of inquiries and orders for disinfection products such as sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid, as well as cooperation. The common sodium hypochlorite disinfection equipment chemical method on the market occupies a certain market, and the electrolytic method is more and more important because it can be prepared online, used with production, and does not need to store chemicals.

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The core accessory of the sodium hypochlorite generator is the electrolytic cell, which directly determines the effective chlorine concentration, chlorine output, output and other important factors.
We are currently mainly supplying all electrolyzers, but starting this year, we will also supply sodium hypochlorite generators in various yields.

HS metal relies on years of experience in the research and development and production of electrocatalytic electrolytic cells. The core titanium electrode of the electrolytic cell has been continuously improved by our technical department for many years, and the corrosion resistance, electrocatalytic activity and service life have all achieved good performance. . And through the improved electrolytic cell structure design, the electrolysis efficiency is increased to more than 85%. Even if it is used in a low-salt environment, it can still maintain a high electrolysis efficiency.

The reaction principle of electrode preparation of sodium hypochlorite is to electrolyze sodium chloride dissolved in water. During electrolysis, sodium hypochlorite is formed. A suitable salt concentration is 3-5 g/L. To improve salt utilization, diaphragms can be used, which are commonly used in large equipment and swimming pools.

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The overall response is expressed as follows:
NaCl + H2O → NaClO + H2↑
Electrode reaction:
Anode: 2Cl- – 2e → Cl2
Cathode: 2H+ + 2e → H2
Solution reaction: 2NaOH + Cl2 → NaCl + NaClO + H2O

Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Core Components:

Factors Affecting the Service Life of Titanium Electrodestitanium anode
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Can be applied to:

1. Production and preparation of sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution
2. Industrial wastewater treatment
3. Waterworks
4. Municipal sewage treatment
5. Disinfection of breeding and animal husbandry
6. Other occasions requiring disinfection

Sodium hypochlorite generator coated anode group

1. Coating: It can be used for pickling or reverse use according to customers, and provide ruthenium-based coatings that meet customer requirements
2. Features: long service life and stable performance.
3. Service life: 3~5 years

Has the following advantages:

1. The core electrolytic cell electrode group is independently produced, using industrial-grade pure titanium as the base material, and the multi-element precious metal oxide coating has a confidential formula with good corrosion resistance;
2. The shell of the electrolytic cell is made of transparent thickened material, which is easy to observe the electrolysis reaction and the use of the anode;
3. Simple design, reasonable structure and easy maintenance;
4. The product has passed various performance tests and all meet the requirements and specifications;
5. After-sales service is guaranteed. If there is any problem, adjust the plan at any time and provide maintenance.

Scope of use:

1. Sodium hypochlorite generator
2. Chlorine dioxide generator
3. Various types of electrolytic disinfection and sterilization equipment

After the production of the sodium hypochlorite generator is completed, we will show it on this page.