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Scale, bacteria and algae growth and corrosion problems will occur in the cooling circulating water system.

During the cooling period in summer, the cooling cycle is an open system. At the same time, organic matter and microorganisms in the air and dust will be brought into the water. The temperature of the cooling water is very suitable for the growth of bacteria and algae. The proliferation of heterotrophic bacteria, iron bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, reducing bacteria and other bacteria will cause corrosion of the inner wall of the pipeline, resulting in the peeling of rust, which affects the heat exchange of the condenser; the water evaporates in the cooling tower, so that the salt content of the circulating water gradually increases. The increase, coupled with the decomposition and dissipation of CO2 in the water in the tower, increases the tendency of calcium carbonate in the water to scale and precipitate on the heat transfer surface. The calcium and magnesium ions in the circulating water will adhere to the inner wall of the copper tube of the condenser to form dense scale (mainly calcium carbonate scale).

Scale and fouling often combine together, and fouling and slime can cause or aggravate corrosion and seriously affect heat transfer. Therefore, the main task of cooling circulating water treatment is to eliminate or reduce the harm of scaling, corrosion and biological sludge, so as to ensure the efficiency and service life of the entire circulating water system.

principle of electrolytic descaling Electrolytic descaling system electrolyzer

Advantages of using circulating water electrolysis descaling machine:

1. No chemical additional substances are generated;

2. Clean water and inhibit the formation of microorganisms and green algae;

3. Electrolytic treatment of floating matter and scale;

Electrolytic descaling and algae removal machine

4. Save maintenance;

5. There is no need to transport, store and transport chemicals with potential safety hazards;

6. Directly put into water to use, easy to operate

Circulating water electrolysis descaling device

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