Sodium hypochlorite generator electrolytic tank features.

1, according to the amount of sodium hypochlorite required and installation needs, design different electrolytic tank, barrel, tube, sheet electrode group, monopole electrode is suitable for smaller size of electrolytic tank. Compound electrode set is suitable for relatively larger electrolyzer, and the connection structure is simple, which reduces the resistance on the connection, makes the electrolysis voltage lower, and improves the electrolysis efficiency.

titanium anode plate

mmo titanium anode

2、Titanium electrode set adopts industrial pure titanium as the base material, and the surface is coated with ruthenium-iridium and other precious metal oxides by special technology, which has good electrocatalytic and electrolytic oxidation resistance, and can generate electrolytic reaction better than other electrodes and provide better conversion efficiency.

3、The electrolyzer shell is made of transparent acrylic, which is good for observing the electrolysis process and the electrode surface, so as to judge the usage status of the electrode and adjust the acid cleaning cycle.

4、Bipolar design reduces the connection parts in the electrolyzer, improves the electrolysis efficiency and increases the operating life of the electrode.

5、Mature technology application experience and strong after-sales service guarantee.


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