Brush-based titanium electrodes have a very wide range of applications. Titanium anodes are also called DSA anodes because of their lightweight and flexible manufacturing process. Compared with similar anodes, titanium anodes have the following advantages:

1. The size of the anode is stable, and the distance between the electrodes does not change during the electrolysis, which can ensure that the electrolysis operation is performed under the condition that the tank voltage is stable.
2. Low working voltage, low power consumption, DC power consumption can be reduced by 10-20%.
3. Titanium anode has long working life and strong corrosion resistance.
4. It can overcome the problem of dissolution of graphite anode and lead anode, avoid pollution of electrolyte and cathode products, and thus improve the purity of metal products.
5. High current density, small overpotential, high electrode catalytic activity, can effectively capture high production efficiency.
6. It can avoid the short circuit problem after the lead anode is deformed and improve the current efficiency.
7. The shape is easy to make and can be highly accurate.
8. Titanium substrate can be reused.
9, low overpotential characteristics, the surface of the electrode and the electrode is easy to remove bubbles, which can effectively reduce the voltage of the electrolytic cell.