The titanium-based platinized electrode is plated with platinum on the surface of the specially treated titanium substrate, which can be fully plated with platinum or partially plated with platinum. Platinum can be plated on composite materials such as titanium-coated copper. The surface of the product is silvery white, with uniform and fine coating, strong combination, large output current and long service life. Mainly used in: electroplating, biomedical, chemical synthesis, cathodic protection, etc.

Substrate: Grade 1 pure titanium GR1

Operating current range: <15000A/m2

Working temperature: <85 °C

Plating metal: 99.99% Pt

Platinum content: 22.45g/m2/μm

Platinum layer thickness: 0.1-15μm

Product shape: mesh, board, tube, rod, etc.

Use environment: PH value: 0-14

Precautions: Prevent hard objects from being scratched. Remove from the electrolytic cell when the product is stopped. Rinse the surface with clean water and store it dry. The larger the current, the shorter the service life, and the use of a solution containing fluoride ions will quickly damage the electrode.

The titanium platinum anodes produced by our company are various in shape, with a platinum content of 12g/m2/μm and a platinum layer thickness of 0.2-5μm. It is mainly used for local conductive contact of titanium electrode plates in high current environment (such as: steel plate galvanizing, PS plate, etc.), preparation of acid and alkaline ionized water.


Titanium-based platinized electrode - Baoji titanium anode preferred Titanium-based platinized electrode - Baoji titanium anode preferred