HHO generator uses titanium anode to make hydrogen and oxygen. Titanium anode–hydrogen generator
The precious metal-coated titanium anode developed by our company produces hydrogen by electrolyzing water. Installing this hydrogen generator on vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles has a variety of economic and environmental value:

1. High fuel-saving value: save fuel up to 25% or more;
2. Power Enhancement: Get stronger power and smoother driving feel;
3. Improve fuel efficiency: get higher mileage;
4. Protect the environment: reduce carbon monoxide emissions to help maintain a green planet;
5. Clean the engine, clean the carbon deposits in the engine to make the engine longer life;
6. Easy installation: only a little space is required for installation;
7. Safety and stability: No storage of flammable gas, no hidden danger of explosion;
8. Low cost: Just add a little tap water regularly to continue working;
9. Easy to operate: light, convenient and convenient to care

Specifications: can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs
HHO has the following functions:

1.1 Save fuel consumption
Because of the input of HHO, the fuel of the original engine is more fully burned, and the fuel efficiency is improved. Hydrogen is an environmentally friendly, high-energy fuel. The combustion heat energy is higher than gasoline and diesel fuel, which is 2.8 times the heat energy of gasoline combustion. The injection of hydrogen is to increase the fuel and replace the reduced fuel with the added hydrogen. So as to achieve the purpose of saving fuel.
1.2 Reduction of harmful gas release After the engine is added with a hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas, the original carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons can be fully burned and work, while the hydrogen combustion produces water with zero emissions and zero pollution, so it can effectively save fuel To reduce toxic and harmful substances in vehicle exhaust, to achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction. Reduce toxic and harmful substances by more than 65% (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and particulate suspended matter).
1.3 Increase motivation
Based on the same principle, after adding HHO gas, the fuel is fully equivalent to increasing the amount of fuel, and the added hydrogen combustion heat energy is 2.8 times that of gasoline, and the combustion speed is 5 times that of gasoline. Higher heat energy and faster combustion Speed ​​reduces the loss in the process of thermal energy conversion (the engine converts thermal energy into kinetic energy) and improves the conversion rate. Therefore, under the same input of fuel, the horsepower and torque of the vehicle can be effectively increased to make the vehicle more powerful and perform Fast start and strong climbing ability.
1.4 Protecting the engine
During the long-term operation of the vehicle, carbon deposits are formed due to insufficient combustion and other reasons. The addition of HHO gas can achieve full combustion and reduce the probability of carbon deposits. When hydrogen is added, the ignition energy of hydrogen is 0.02, which is only the ignition energy of gasoline. one tenth. The ignition speed of hydrogen is 4.85 meters per second, which is 5 times faster than the ignition speed of gasoline. In particular, the flameout interval of hydrogen is only 0.06 seconds, which is only one-third that of gasoline. The small quenching gap can spread the flame to any corner of the cylinder, and even reach the inner gap of the piston ring, making the original
Some carbon deposits are removed in a short period of time without new deposits, which can effectively protect the engine, reduce the number of oil changes, and extend the service life of the engine. It is estimated that the service life of the engine can be extended by about 30%.

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