We produce a variety of titanium anodes, including platinized titanium anode, mmo titanium anode, anode baskets, titanium anode baskets and so on.

We currently have many cooperating customers are sewage treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant and effluent treatment plant.

The video shows a sample of titanium anode component ordered by the customer, which is also used for wastewater treatment.

Details as follow:
Titanium anode component sample

Size: 600 * 100 * 125mm
Coating: Ru-Ir coating

Product details description:
It consists of 6pcs titanium anodes mesh (Ru-Ir coating / 600 * 100 * 1mm) and 7 pcs Titanium cathode mesh (no coatings / 600 * 100 * 1mm).

6pcs titanium anodes mesh connected to one terminal, and 7pcs titanium cathodes mesh connected to another terminal.
So, a total of 13 pieces constitute the titanium anode assembly.
Terminal size: Welded matching titanium terminals
Product picture refer:
1 set size: 600mm (hight) * 100 * 125mm, adds 50mm titanium terminals