The precautions for the use of titanium anode products are as follows: DSA is not a true insoluble anode, but the consumption rate is low. Depending on the application industry and the specific use environment, we promise a guaranteed lifetime of between 0.5 and 50 years.

1. The normal working current density is less than 2000A/m2. If the current is too large, the reaction is too intense and the anode life is shortened.
2. The electrolyte should not contain cyanide or fluoride ions. These impurities can seriously corrode the titanium matrix;
3, the anode and cathode pole pitch can be set according to the specific conditions, generally 5-25mm. In general, the pole distance assembly increases power consumption, and should not be too small, otherwise the cathode scale generated on the cathode surface is likely to cause short circuit of the pole plate;
4. It is strictly forbidden to use the guide. Once the noble metal oxide coating is used as a cathode, the surface undergoes a reduction reaction, which is easily converted into a simple metal element, and cannot be effectively combined with the titanium base, causing the coating to fall off. It may be considered to periodically clean the surface of the plate with acid.
5, the temperature of the electrolyte should not be too high, the ideal temperature of 25-40 ° C.
6. When using the clean water, flush the surface of the plate with water. It is not suitable to immerse in the solution for a long time. If possible, it is best to maintain a 2-5A small current that satisfies the cycle to protect the plates.
7. Care should be taken during installation and handling. The surface of the coating should not be scratched, otherwise it will be partially corroded soon.

Our precious metal oxide tantalum coated titanium anodes are available in a variety of forms, such as plate, tube and mesh, for reliable quality. The electrode coating has a long service life and the titanium matrix can be reused.