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The titanium anode for the treatment of ammonia nitrogen wastewater by electrolysis is to use the electric field during electrolysis to make the target directly oxidize on the titanium anode, or to generate oxidative substances on the titanium anode plate to oxidize the target. The oxidation of the target directly on the electrode is called direct oxidation. The anode reacts with substances in the solution to generate strong oxidizing substances, and the process of using the generated strong oxidizing substances to oxidize the target is called indirect oxidation.

Electrocatalytic Titanium Electrode for Electrolysis Industrial Wastewater

A large number of atoms and ionic active groups such as O, H, N, OH, CH, CH2 can be produced on the anode plate of the electrolytic treatment of ammonia nitrogen wastewater, and the ammonium salt in the wastewater can be converted into free ammonia to the limit under the catalytic action; Reduce the partial pressure of ammonia in wastewater and other mixed gases, accelerate the desorption process and transfer rate of free ammonia released, and enable the converted free ammonia to be quickly and fully separated from wastewater. Moreover, it also catalyzes the oxidative degradation of organic matter, and does not produce secondary pollution during the reaction process, which meets the increasingly high standard of environmental protection requirements.

Ruthenium Iridium Tantalum Coated Anode Plate Processing

HS METAL has customized ruthenium-titanium anodes for ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment for some water treatment customers, and the meshed titanium electrode with the same size as the anode is used as the cathode. Under the working conditions of chloride ion concentration, influent flow rate, electrode spacing, and current density, the degradation rate of ammonia nitrogen can achieve an ideal effect.

Hydroxyl Sterilized Titanium Electrode

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