In recent years, the environmental and safety issues caused by the disinfection of commonly used chlorine agents have attracted more and more attention. Because chlorine disinfectant kills bacteria and viruses, it also forms ammonium chloride and trihalomethane (THM) with urea and organic matter secreted by the human body. In order to reduce the content of ammonium chloride and trihalomethane in swimming pool water, reduce its content. Hazard can be removed by coagulation sedimentation, activated carbon adsorption filtration and other methods. The above problems can be completely solved by chlorine dioxide or ozone disinfection.

Therefore, titanium anodes have become an indispensable choice.
The metal titanium is used as a matrix, and an alcohol solution of a cerium salt and a titanium salt is coated on the surface of the titanium substrate, and the salt is decomposed and oxidized by sintering to form a Ru-Tio 2 solid solution which is firmly bonded to the titanium matrix. It uses titanium as the substrate (silk, rod, tube, plate, mesh), and coats the metal coating on the titanium substrate to make it have good electrocatalytic activity, electrical conductivity and oxidation resistance. Sterilize the pool water.