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Electronic electroplating refers to coating a thin layer of metal, such as copper, nickel, gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, palladium, or its alloy metal, on the surface of electronic components by electroplating. Electroplating can be used for a variety of applications, including batch circuit board plating, plug-in plating, and diverse continuous plating processes that produce semiconductors, connectors, and other components used in the electronics industry. In these processes, both soluble and insoluble anodes are used.

titanium electrodes

Titanium anodes consist of an inert titanium mass and an active coating of noble metal oxides overlying it. With titanium anodes, the plating process is more stable and easier to control. The concentration of the electroplating metal is controlled and adjusted by adding metal salts. The applied current density is independently controlled by the titanium anode. Its applications in electrochemical systems and processes include:

1. Reverse pulse copper process in circuit board manufacturing

ruthenium-iridium-titanium anode mesh

2. DC copper plating of circuit boards in circuit board manufacturing

3. Gold plating process in circuit board production

4. Electroplating of semiconductor components

ruthenium-iridium-titanium anode plate

5. Precious metal electronic plating

6. Electroplating tank water treatment and metal recovery

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