The insoluble anode for electroplating is coated with a noble metal oxide coating having high electrochemical catalytic properties on a titanium substrate (mesh, plate, ribbon, tube, etc.) containing a highly stable valve metal oxide. The new insoluble titanium anode has high electrochemical catalytic energy, and the oxygen evolution overpotential is about 0.5 V lower than the lead alloy insoluble anode. The energy saving is remarkable, the stability is high, the plating solution is not polluted, the weight is light, and the replacement is easy. The oxygen evolution overpotential of the new insoluble titanium anode is also lower than that of the platinized insoluble anode, but the lifetime is more than doubled. Widely used in various electroplating as anode or auxiliary anode, can replace conventional lead-based alloy anode, under the same conditions, can reduce the tank voltage and save power consumption; insoluble titanium anode has good stability in electroplating process (Chemical, electrochemical), long service life. This anode is widely used in nickel plating gold plating, chrome plating, galvanizing, copper plating and other non-ferrous metals industries. Titanium anode mesh Ru-Ir Ir-Ta coated Platinum coating Baoji Highstar titanium Metal