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At present, most of the electrolysis water cup electrolysis devices are equipped with titanium-based precious metal-coated anodes. At the moment of contact with water, tens of thousands of pairs of electrodes can be formed, which can electrolyze the water, so that the hydrogen ions in the water form hydrogen and overflow the water surface, and produce hydrogen and oxygen. The root ion makes the water weakly alkaline, and the pH value is between 7.5 and 9.5. It has an excellent ability to neutralize acid toxicity in the human body. Due to the existence of active hydrogen, the water forms a negative potential of up to -250mv, which has a strong reducibility; it can remove excess free radicals in the human body. and magnetic field.

Electrode material for electrolysis water disinfection

The role of electrolytic water cup:

The molecular chain of the water in the macromolecular group is broken, and the structure of the water molecules is rearranged and combined to form the hexagonal water of the small molecular group of 5 to 7 water molecules that is full of vitality. In this state, the water molecules are arranged neatly and have strong cohesion. The adsorption force between molecules is small and the surface tension is small, so it is closer to the water of human cells. This water, which is close to human cells, is easy to absorb and can activate human cells. At the same time, the minerals and various trace elements it releases have the functions of anti-aging, preventing arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of health and longevity.

Electrode for hydrogen-rich water cup The platinum-titanium anode

Five functions of electrolyzed water:

1. Weak alkaline electrolyzed water cup——Improve the body’s acidic constitution and improve immunity. Acid toxicity leads to decreased immunity, increased blood viscosity, and decreased blood flow rate. Frequently drinking weak alkaline water can quickly neutralize acid toxicity in the body and maintain acidity. Alkali balance, effectively prevent constipation, diarrhea, enteropathy, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, gout, stones, arthritis and other diseases caused by acid toxicity.

mmo titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator Electrolytic Disinfector (9)

2. Negative potential (anti-oxidation) of electrolyzed water cups—eliminate aging factors in the body. Free radicals, also known as aging factors, are the root cause of cell and tissue damage. Drinking healthy and good water with negative potential can effectively prevent and treat diseases caused by free radicals. Senile plaques, cataracts, arteriosclerosis, cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases.

titanium anode

3. Electrolyzed water cup small molecular mass water – improving microcirculation, reducing lipids and reducing pressure Small molecular mass water is known as living water, with strong dissolving power, emulsifying power and osmotic power; it can effectively remove cholesterol in the stomach and blood , Triglyceride and unsaturated fatty acids and other harmful substances, can effectively reduce blood viscosity, calm three high; it has a magical effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis and cerebral thrombosis.

Electrolyzed water disinfection titanium electrode sheet

4. High oxygen content in electrolyzed water cups——Improve sleep and eliminate sub-health The super-active water produced by micro-electrolyzed water cups has better ability to dissolve and carry active oxygen, and produce healthy oxygen-rich water; it can be replenished in time Human brain, oxygen needed by cells; effectively activate cells, purify blood, improve sleep, drink a cup every day, make people awake, energetic, and quickly eliminate sub-health.

Platinum titanium anode net (39)

5. Minerals and trace elements in electrolyzed water cups – Supplementing life force elements with an appropriate amount of trace elements is the basis for ensuring human health. In the process of water activation, these mineral ions enter the water to form healthy water rich in life force elements. People can more effectively absorb the necessary trace elements and minerals by drinking water daily.

Seven standards of electrolyzed water:

1. Does not contain any substances that are toxic, harmful and odorous to the human body;
2. The hardness of water is moderate, 50-200mg/L (calculated as calcium carbonate);
3. The mineral content and proportion in the water are moderate;
4. The value should be neutral or slightly alkaline (PH≥7.0);
5. The content of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide is moderate (dissolved oxygen in water ≥ 6mg/L);
6. Small subgroup (Hz≤100);
7. Nutrition and physiological functions (such as water solubility, penetration, diffusion, emulsifying power, cleaning power, etc.) should be strong.