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Principle and application of electrodialysis seawater desalination:

The desalination of seawater by electrodialysis is realized by electrodialysis desalinator. Under the action of an external DC electric field, when the raw water containing salt flows through the compartment composed of anion and cation exchange membranes and separators, the anions and cations in the water begin to move directionally. Anions migrate towards the anode and cations migrate towards the cathode. Due to the selective permeability of the ion exchange membrane, the fixed exchange group of the cation exchange membrane (referred to as the cation membrane) is negatively charged, so it allows the cations in the water to pass through and blocks the anions. The fixed exchange group of the anion exchange membrane (anion membrane for short) is positively charged, therefore, the anions in the water are allowed to pass through and the cations are blocked, causing the ions in the fresh water compartment to migrate to the concentrated water compartment, so as to achieve the purpose of desalination.

Electrodialysis desalinators are widely used in food, light industry and other industries to produce pure water; electronic, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries to produce high-purity water pretreatment; primary softening and desalination of boiler feed water; desalination of seawater into drinking water and certain chemical products. Desalination treatment, etc.

Electrodialysis desalinationruthenium series, iridium series, platinum
Electrodialysis seawater desalination titanium electrodeElectrodialysis seawater desalination titanium electrode material
Electrode materialPrinciple and application of electrodialysis seawater desalination

Electrodialysis seawater desalination titanium electrode material:

Electrode material is one of the key components of electrodialysis desalinator. This electrode material is required to be resistant to both oxidation and reduction, that is to say, it can be used as both an anode and a cathode, but general electrode materials cannot meet this requirement. For example, using graphite electrodes will be very bad and corroded, and the working life will be shorter. Coated titanium electrodes produced by HS metal have low chlorine evolution potential, high oxygen evolution potential, long life, and high electrolysis efficiency, which can reduce costs.

Advantages of titanium electrodes for seawater desalination by electrodialysis:

1. High current efficiency and good energy saving effect
2. Excellent corrosion resistance
3. After the active layer is deactivated, it can be repainted and the substrate can be reused
4. The electrode has a long service life
5. Titanium electrodes are light in weight and have good dimensional stability
6. Can be made into any complex shape and size to meet actual needs
Titanium electrode products for seawater desalination by electrodialysis:
Substrate: pure titanium TA1, TA2
Coating: ruthenium series, iridium series, platinum (selected according to the electrode operating environment and life requirements provided by customers)

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