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Electrowinning metal extraction is a method of reducing the metal ions to be extracted in the leached and purified electrolyte at the cathode to obtain pure metal. Active layer composition.

In electrolytic metallurgy, it can replace the conventional lead alloy anode. Under the same conditions, it can reduce the voltage and save electricity consumption; the electrometallurgical titanium anode developed by HS METAL can be applied to Zn, Cd, Cu, Mn, Co, Electrolytic metallurgy of non-ferrous metals such as Ni and Cr.

For example: the electrolytic production of zinc has always used lead alloy anodes containing small amounts of silver, antimony or calcium. The following problems often occur: the lead alloy electrode is unstable in size; the oxygen evolution potential is too high (about 800mV); corrosion occurs when the anode is polarized; lead ions are dissolved in the electrolyte and deposited on the cathode, contaminating metal zinc and affecting product quality . Titanium anodes for electrowinning metals can overcome the disadvantages of lead alloy anodes, and are suitable for high current density operation and narrow electrode spacing conditions; not only for sulfate systems, but also for chloride systems, as well as sulfate, chloride mixed system.

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