Coating type: our company provides a choice of coating, iridium-tantalum mixed metal oxide coating, platinum-iridium-tantalum mixed metal oxide coating, platinum coating
Anode shape: there are sheets, plates, networks, rods and so on
Anode size: according to customer plating bath size, plating conditions to choose; size can reach 2.5 m x 1.2 m.
Current density: 600-1500 A/m2
Service life: ≤3 years

In the electroplating industry, the copper is mostly brought into the cleaning tank with the cleaning strip, and then the recovery device is added in the cleaning tank, which can keep the copper ion concentration (0.4 g/L) lower all the time, can greatly save water resources.

titanium anode

mmo titanium anode (113)

Electrolysis water treatment

Electrocatalytic oxidation electrode plate
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