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Advantages of centrifugal electrolysis technology:

a. Wide range of application fields and can be used in many industries;

b. Wide range of raw material adaptability, the same device can process a variety of metals, and can selectively electrolytically deposit metals;

c. Flexible and diverse, process design can be carried out in a targeted manner according to customer needs;

Titanium anode for centrifugal electrolysis

d. Portable, modular components, easy to install, modular installation, small footprint, high space utilization;

e. Metal recovery and sharing are thorough, and ppm-level metal recovery and separation can be performed;

titanium anode coating Ir-Ta Ru-Ir MMO plate mesh (44)

f. It is easy to reduce the metal ions in the solution you recycle to below 1000ppm, and make the valuable metals you need to recycle into plate or powder products (> 99.96%);

g. The solution is closed-circuited, effectively recovering the acid in the solution, avoiding the discharge of acid mist, and being safe and environmentally friendly;

h. Higher current density and current efficiency

i. The process is simplified, which greatly reduces your operating costs and reduces your technical risks;

j. Compared with traditional electrolysis technology, the use of cyclone electrolysis technology can at least 18 months to 36 months in advance of the cost recovery period; improve product purity, improve profitability, achieve rapid profitability, and have a higher return on capital;

Overview of Centrifugal Electrolyzers

Cyclone electrolysis device is a comprehensive system integrating process equipment, electrical equipment and control system. The process is that the electrolytic solution is sent from the storage tank to the cyclone electrolytic tank arranged and arranged according to the design through the solution delivery pump, the solution is circulated inside the device system, and the valuable metal ions are separated from the electrolytic solution by selective electrolysis. and adsorbed to the cathode plate. Barrel products are collected by a special product collection device, and powder products are automatically collected by a special powder collection system. The barrel-shaped product is further made into a plate body product through a subsequent supporting product processing device. The supporting intelligent power distribution device system and integrated control system that can operate at high current density and high efficiency adopts redundant hardware system and all-digital software-type high-precision trigger adjustment controller, duplex hot backup, and anti-harmonic interference. , Anti-strong magnetic field interference, communicate with the master control PLC system to complete the intelligent control of electrolytic current. Combined with the patented technology of automatic control system, it can realize the independent detection of flow, liquid level, temperature, etc. in the production process, and the accuracy and reliability of operation in large-scale production.

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