The titanium basket has high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and a layer of oxide film on the surface. Under normal plating conditions, the film can prevent current from passing through the titanium basket and direct current to the anode material in the titanium basket.

There are various types of titanium baskets, including round, rectangular, and dish. Special design according to product requirements
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Advantages of using a titanium basket

1, can effectively control the ratio of anode to anode area

2, the anode is well soluble, resulting in less anode mud

3. It is convenient to load or replenish the anode material. Anode maintenance is also relatively simple

4, the anode material is fully used and can use the corner residual material to save energy consumption and reduce costs

5, can prevent the uneven distribution of current caused by the dissolution of the lower part when using the anode plate or the anode strip

6. Improve the load capacity of the anode, increase the area of ​​the dissolved anode, and reduce the anode passivation.

7. Continuous deposition, balanced distribution, efficient anode efficiency, low voltage loss and low consumption

Titanium basket design points

1. The conductivity of titanium is poor. Generally, the current of the hook outside the water is not more than 0.24A/mm2, and the current of the hook in the water is not more than 1.5A/mm2. Otherwise, the heat of the hook body will increase, and the temperature of the plating solution will increase. Increase, waste power, and even plastic tanks due to heat

2, titanium basket hook and electrode generally do not use flat or round surface contact, this method is easy to cause poor contact, causing speckle corrosion of the electrode

Use titanium basket precautions

1. The anode titanium basket and the anode bag are immersed in 10% alkali solution for 6-8 hours, washed with water, and then soaked with 5% dilute sulfuric acid.

2. When the titanium basket hook is obviously heated, the number of titanium baskets can be increased or the size of the titanium basket hook can be increased to improve the conductivity of the titanium basket.

3, titanium basket mouth should be slightly higher than the liquid surface 30-40mm to prevent anode slag outflow

4. The lower end of the titanium basket should be higher than the part 100~150mm (the shutter can be added near the liquid surface side) to avoid the current concentration of the lower part is too concentrated, causing charring

5, the titanium basket and the anode should be in close contact, otherwise the anode potential on the titanium basket will rise sharply, causing oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution on the surface of the titanium basket, causing damage to the titanium basket and oxidation of the additive.

6, the anode bag should be wrapped in the titanium basket mouth, the bottom of the bag should leave a few centimeters of clearance to store the possible anode sludge

7. Clean the anode bag and the titanium basket every half month to one month, and replace the damaged anode bag to ensure that the plating solution and the plating tank are free from pollution.

8. Replenish or enrich the anode material in time to avoid “overhead” when the amount of nickel is insufficient, otherwise the titanium will be etched.