Titanium anode is our main introduction today, titanium is a material, please let us first understand the anode.The anode is a concept in the electrochemical reaction. It exists opposite to the cathode. In the electrolytic cell, the anode is connected to the positive electrode. The oxidation reaction on the anode is the anion in the solution. Corresponds to the cathode.

Anode material

General anode materials include the following magnesium and magnesium alloys, zinc and zinc alloys, aluminum alloys, titanium and titanium alloys.

Anode composition

Anode titanium composition:

Base material: Gr1 titanium material is mainly used as the base material (titanium plate, titanium mesh, titanium tube, titanium rod, titanium sintered material, titanium processed parts and other shapes)
Coating: After special treatment, corresponding precious metal coating (Ru-Ir coated, Ir-Ta coated, platinum coating, etc.) is carried out according to the use environment

Anode titanium plate price:

The price is mainly determined by the coating area


Water treatment industry, purified water industry, cathodic protection and electroplating industry, etc.

Anode plate of titanium  processing process is divided into the following steps

Treatment of titanium substrate; for the substrate, Gr1 titanium plate or titanium mesh for surface processing, cleaning and other surface treatment

Brushing; the main component of brushing is noble metal oxide. According to different requirements, we provide three metal coatings: Ru-Ir coating (MMO coating), Ir-Ta coating (MMO coating) and platinum coating; The brushing times of general metal oxides are 20-22 times;

Heat treatment; annealing treatment is a treatment that is performed after the brushed coating is dried. This process needs to be repeated multiple times in order to make the coating better adhere to the surface of the titanium substrate.


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