Do you know titanium alloy? Today we are introducing a pure titanium grade, –ti grade 2, which is the most commonly used material.

1. High-purity 0 grade sponge titanium is extruded to form a block in the following figure

ti grade 2 ti grade 2

2. After welding, the bulk sponge titanium is welded into strips;

3. Continuously smelting strip sponge titanium through high temperature to form a titanium ingot containing oxide scale

titanium material

4. After peeling the skin, it becomes a titanium ingot;

titanium material

4. After specific specifications and surface treatment, the required size is formed

The general steps are as described above, but each process requires detailed and precise temperature and time control. The formation of titanium ingots requires professional personnel to operate. If you want to know more details, please contact us .