Ti 3al 2.5V tube , GR9 titanium tube for bike frame

Cycling has become a popular way of life in recent years. Various qualities and types of bicycles are emerging, and there are many types, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and beach bikes.Ti 3al 2.5V tube is the main titanium tube material used to make titanium bicycles. Since the demand for bicycles has increased significantly, the production of raw materials is also very rapid

Our common bicycle architecture is composed of iron, aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Iron: Sturdy, economical and malleable, the disadvantage is that it will rust.
Aluminum has the advantages of light weight, and the disadvantages are hardness and pressure resistance.
The advantage of carbon fiber is that it has amazing elasticity and crash resistance than any metal. The disadvantage is that they are very expensive.

There is also a bicycle made of a material, which has been wildly pursued by some bicycle fans in recent years. It is a titanium-based driving. The density of titanium is only 43% of iron, its strength is higher than that of iron, and it has abnormal fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance. And the plasticity of titanium is also good. Among these metals, bicycle fans have always been very enthusiastic about titanium bicycles.
In the application of titanium bicycles, one of the most common features is applied to various types of competitions. When an experienced competitor tried to ride a titanium bike, he was so shocked that he could hardly express his feelings in words. The charm of titanium bicycle comes from its touch, tension and elasticity. An anti-pedal bike is usually uncomfortable to ride. Titanium bicycles are anti-high pedal design, and can reduce the impact of the road more than other metals. Titanium has a lower density than iron, and its shock resistance is excellent. Titanium bicycles provide riders with three decisive factors: light, hard, and smooth ride. A woman described it as “the mount of God.”

The reason why titanium bicycles are popular comes from its many advantages. The following is a partial display of titanium bicycle frames:

titanium bike frame


20 inch ultralight titanium alloy folding bike frame

MaterialTitanium Gr9 (Ti-3AL/2.5V)
Seat PostSeat Collar diameter/Seat Post34.9/31.6
Head TubeΦ40*85mm
 ForkStraight front fork

Beach Titanium Bicycle (1) Beach Titanium Bicycle (2)


MaterialTi-3Al2.5V (GR9)

Ti-6Al4V (GR5)

Tail hookB-column integrated tail hook/A-column
Frame Size26/27.5/29*15”, 16”, 17”, 18”, 19”, 20”BrakeDisk brake + V brake
Head tube34 extraposition/tapered concealment/44 concealmentSeat tube diameterouter:φ35


Bottom bracketBB68/BB73SurfaceWire drawing/sand blast
Tube clamps31.8/34.9Top tube diameterφ35/φ38
Size of head partupper: 41.8mm

bottom: 52mm

Down tube diameterφ40/φ42
Weight15.5”: 1.34kg

17”: 1.42kg

18”: 1.52kg

FeatureStandard brake;

High-stength titanium alloy;

classic geometric shapes; simple and splendid

Road titanium bicycle

Compared with other material frames, the titanium bicycle frame belongs to a high-end frame. Its main material is gr9 titanium tube, which is also ti3al2.5v.

Its chemical composition is as follows:

gr9 titanium chemical composition

The standard of  Ti 3al 2.5V tube bicycle tube is ASTM B338

ASTM B 338-2008

The specifications of titanium tubes suitable for manufacturing titanium bicycle frames are as follows

Outer diameter: 6.35mm wall thickness: 0.89mm
Outer diameter: 19mm wall thickness: 0.9mm

titanium bikes for sale
Outer diameter: 22.2mm wall thickness: 0.9mm

titanium tubing suppliers
Outer diameter: 22.2mm wall thickness: 1.5mm
Outer diameter: 31.8mm wall thickness: 0.9mm

titanium tube manufacturers
Outer diameter: 31.8mm wall thickness: 1.2mm
Outer diameter: 34.9mm wall thickness: 0.9mm
Outer diameter: 34.9mm wall thickness: 1.55mm
Outer diameter: 38.1mm wall thickness: 0.9mm
Outer diameter: 44.5mm wall thickness: 0.9mm

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