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Product name: MMO anode titanium strip, titanium anode strip
Product Specifications: Conventional 0.635×6.35, 12.7×0.9mm, other specifications can be customized according to customer needs
Commodity use: Impressed current cathodic protection auxiliary anode
Material composition: titanium-based ruthenium-iridium/iridium-tantalum coated anode

MMO (noble metal oxide) anode strip (belt anode) is a layer of noble metal oxide with electrocatalytic activity coated on the surface of titanium substrate. It is usually used for cathodic protection of ground storage tank bottom plates and reinforced concrete structures. The conductive strips are laid vertically, and their intersections are connected by spot welding with a special welding machine to form a grid-like grid.

Common specifications of MMO anode strip (strip anode):

Coating: Iridium Tantalum / Ruthenium Iridium
Titanium substrate: TA1
Specification 1: width 6.35mm×thickness 0.635mm
Specification 2: width 12.7mm × thickness 0.9mm
Standard length: 152m/155m/roll

ICCP cathodic protection

Application areas:
MMO anode strips are used for bottom protection of various large storage tanks and cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures. In application, it can be directly laid in wet or salty sand without any carbon-based filling material.

Common specifications and parameters of titanium conductive tape:

1. Titanium base material: ASTM B265 Grade 1
2. Specifications: width 6.25mm x thickness 0.635mm or width 12.7mm x thickness 0.9mm
3. Standard length: 152 meters / roll
4. Output current: 12-68mA/m
5. Life expectancy: 20-70 years


Titanium conductive tape has the following characteristics:

1. It can be applied to any environment, including sandy soil environment; environment with oxygen evolution, chlorine evolution or a mixture of the two; or other complex environments.
2. Good corrosion resistance, stable chemical properties and long service life.

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