Seamless titanium tube: wall thickness (0.5 ~ 10mm) outer diameter (2.0 ~ 120mm) length (1000-15000mm)
Slit titanium tube: wall thickness (3.0mm ~ 20mm) outer diameter (100-2000mm) length (20-4000mm
Titanium alloy tube: wall thickness (4 ~ 100mm) outer diameter (20 ~ 300mm) length (within 6m)
Welded pipe: wall thickness (0.5 ~ 10mm), outer diameter (2.0 ~ 120mm), length (1000-4000mm)

Standard: ASTM338 ASTM B861 ASTM B862

A variety of sizes are available from stock:
GR2, GR5, GR9 titanium tube
Gr2 titanium tube has the largest consumption and the most inventory. Most customers of gr5 alloy titanium tube require larger wall thickness tubes. Gr9 titanium tube is mostly used to make titanium bicycle frames