The new technology of cathode copper production of titanium cathodes has become of great significance in the production of titanium cathode copper electrolysis. It has improved the quality grade of electrolytic copper and produced high-purity cathode copper, which provides very favorable conditions:

1. Titanium cathode has good chemical stability. It has good corrosion resistance in various acid and alkali media. In copper electrolyte, the corrosion rate is only 0.011 mm/year.
2. The surface of the titanium cathode forms a continuous, dense and uniform oxide film, which makes it easy to make the copper strip. Therefore, it is not necessary to use soap as a releasing agent at the beginning of production.
3. Due to the difference in thermal expansion coefficient, titanium, copper, and cast titanium plates are easy to separate from copper and titanium plates, and can be torn by hand.
4. Titanium cathode has a small proportion of medium titanium, light weight and only 1/2 of copper weight, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency.
5. It can be used at high current density to increase the utilization rate of the electrolytic cell and expand the production capacity.