1. Technical characteristics: Excellent antibacterial corrosion performance; long electrode life;
High current density, high current efficiency. Operating current density: 10000A / M2 is an oxygen evolution type anode based on industrial pure titanium.
2. High catalytic activity: Platinum-plated electrodes are known for their high peroxygen potential (1.563 V vs. mercuric sulfate) electrodes. The MMO anode is a low-oxygenation over-electrode 1.385V vs. mercuric sulfate electrode, and the anode oxygen evolution zone is more prone to oxygen evolution. Therefore, when electrolysis, the cell voltage is also relatively low, which saves energy. This phenomenon has been clearly reflected in the treatment of alkaline copper-plated walls after copper foil.
3. No pollution. MMO The oxide is a fairly stable oxide and the anode coating is a ceramic oxide of noble metal ruthenium. Almost insoluble in any acid and alkali, and the oxide coating is less than 20-40μm. The overall coating oxide amount is less. Therefore, the MMO anode does not affect plating.
The liquid causes contamination, which is basically the same as the platinized electrode.
4. High cost performance; 5. Chloride in sulfuric acid electrolysis exists in this current environment; 6. Anode maintenance is minimal; 7. Lifetime of insoluble anode depends on type, working current density and contact with various plating chemicals.